Nature Guard Expulsion Fuse Plug


Expulsion fuse plugs fit snugly in the end of expulsion fuse tubes, preventing insects from nesting in the body of the tube. Some insects, such as mud dauber wasps, attach to the cavities provided by fuse tubes. Their dense mud nests can soon clog the expulsion tube, preventing the fuse leader from being ejected properly during fuse operation. The fuse plug prevents this nesting activity while allowing the fuse leader to pass out of the tube. Nature Guard fuse plugs have been specially designed not to interfere with proper fuse leader ejection.

Catalog Number CCM120B1
Fuse Tube Inner Diameter 3/8"


  • Protects agains insect nest building in fuse tubes.
  • Fuse tube Catalog No. FN3Y2
  • Fuse tube inner diameter 3/8"

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