Mounting Spacers

These corrosion resistant aluminum spacers bolt on to the bottom of the capacitor unit hanger bracket, effectively increasing the "0" dimension shown in Catalog Section CA230003EN.

Spacers should be used whenever an installation requires a larger "0" dimension. This most commonly occurs when replacing old capacitors in individually fused substation banks with capacitor units having differing "0" dimensions. Maintaining this dimension is usually required to ensure proper fuse operation.

Catalog Number CCP260X1 (2"), CCP235X1 (3"), CCP223X1 (4"), CCP261X1 (5"), CCP259X1 (6")
Materials Aluminum


  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Spacers are available from 2" to 6" (50.8 mm to 152.4 mm) in 1" (25.4 mm) increments.

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