Inrush Current-limiting Reactor


Inrush current-limiting reactors limit transient discharge currents during switching of parallel steps in closely spaced capacitor banks. The fully tested design assures proper protection for switching equipment. Inductance selected will limit inrush current to safe levels in most banks. The compact design of the CCM13B1 reactor is particularly suited for use in pole-mounted and metal enclosed banks.

Catalog Number CCM13B1, CCM10B1
Inductance 40, 28, 21
Number of Units in Parallel 1-3
Max. Continuous Current Rating (amps) - 60 Hertz 135, 235, 300
Max. Continuous Current Rating (amps) - 1/2 Cycle 60 Hz rms asymetrical 9000, 9000, 12000
High Frequency Rating - Max Inrush Current (ka) 12
High Frequency Rating - Max Surge Voltage (kv) 18


Mounting Configurations Include:

  • Plain Reactor (no mountings)
  • Reactor with Capcitor Bushing Mounting
  • Reactor with Structural Channel Mounting
  • Reactor wtih 3" Bolt Circle Insulator Mounting
  • Reactor with NR Switch Terminal Mounting

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