Hanger Frames


Eaton's Cooper Power Systems manufactures capacitor hangers for three or six capacitors. These hangers, made of galvanized steel, are shipped unassembled to allow for a smaller and more compact package. Note that these hangers are not recommended if switches are to be used with the capacitors. See catalog section CA230001EN for rack frames suitable for direct mounting of switches or other accessories.

Catalog Number CCH3P1
Materials Galvanized Steel



Direct pole mounting hanger for three or four capacitors. Catalog No. CCH3P1. Less backplaces, crossarm-mounting hanger for three or four capacitors is identical: Catalog No. CCH4A1.


Direct pole-mounting hanger for six capacitors: Catalog No. CCH1P6. Less tie rods and back brace, corssarm-mounting hanger for six capacitors is identical: Catalog No. CCH3A6.

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