Bus-Mounted Current-Limiting Fuses


The NXC capacitor fuse is a current-limiting, non-expulsion, full-range clearing device. The fuse has an automatic leader ejection feature which provides positive interruption and capacitor isolation. It will interrupt at least 50,000 symmetrical amperes. The NXC fuse is particularly applicable for fusing units where the stored energy exceeds the joule capability of the capacitor. The joule capability of Cooper Power Systems capacitors ranges from 10 to 15 kilojoules.

Catalog Number FA5J10, FA5J18, FA5J25, FA5J30, FA5J40, FA5J45, FA5J65, FA6J10, FA6J12


  • Positive interruption and capacitor isolation through using an automatic leader wire ejection.
  • Visible indication of a sensed fault.
  • Both clearing and indicating operations take place without the functioning of hinges, flippers or other mechanical devices.

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