DAS Switch & iDC Control


Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems DAS three-phase, electronically controlled, vacuum-interrupting distribution automation switch provides reliable, economical switching, sectionalizing, advanced metering, and automation systems for distribution circuits rated through 38 kV.

Utilizing industry leading technology, the DAS three-phase switch and iDC control featuring the ProView™ platform, host a complete set of switching, automation, metering, and data acquisition functionality to maximize system performance and reduce customer outages while optimizing the grid via real-time data.

Ratings Maximum voltage ratings of 15.5 kV, 27.0 kV, and 38.0 kV
Ratings Rated continuous current of 630 Amps
Ratings 800 Amp accessory is available
Temperature Ratings Temperature range of -40°C to +55°C


  • The DAS switch is a three-phase, electronically controlled, vacuum switch with a mechanism that provides close and latch capability for electrical operation through a temperature range of -40 °C to +55 °C.
  • The solid polymer system does not rely on a gaseous, liquid, or foam dielectric. The DAS switch is highly resistant to ozone, oxygen, moisture, contamination, and ultraviolet light.
  • Three-phase switching on systems rated up to 15.5 kV is provided by DAS15 switches. DAS27 switches can be applied on systems rated through 27.0 kV. Higher-voltage system switching at 38.0 kV is provided by DAS38 switches.
  • Compact and lightweight, DAS switches are easily installed on poles or in substations. Mounting equipment is available for both pole and substation applications.
  • DAS switches are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 62271-103:2011, IEEE Std C37.63™-2013 standard, and ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.
  • Switch operations are programmed in an electronic control with accurate characteristics and a host of advanced features. When system requirements change, program settings are easily altered with no sacrifice of accuracy or consistency.

iDC Control

The new microprocessor-based DAS iDC switch control runs the new ProView 5.0 application software, including an Application Launcher that features a common interface for both iDC and Form 6 recloser controls. The iDC control integrates real-time valuable grid and outage data to be ported to your SCADA or feeder automation system. Complete with a separate regulated power supply, the control is automation-ready for your choice of radio.

Multiple communications ports are available including serial and Ethernet with wire or fiber options. Also, tailor your digital communications performance with the user-configurable mapping of DNP3 protocol. The control can be easily configured through the simple front panel display or with a laptop through an RS-232 serial port on the front panel.