Distribution Enclosed - Type ED Air Switch


The Type ED switch is a distribution enclosed single-pole air switch rated at 7.8 kV, 75 kV BIL, 400 and 600 amps continuous current. The Type ED polymer-housed disconnect switch provides flexibility and safety in distribution switching. The crossarm mounting bracket is designed for vertical and angle mounting and can also be converted to a pole mounting bracket. Terminals on Type ED switch accommodate No. 4/0 through 500 mcm wire.

Catalog Number FW4A1, FW3A1
Maximum Design Voltage Rating 7.8 kV
Continuous Current 400 & 600 A
Momentary Rating (amps rms) 20,000


  • When the switch is in the completely open position, the switchblade hangs below the polymer housing, providing a positive indication that the switch is open.
  • All live parts are protected by the closed-door design, whether the blade is in the open or closed position.
  • A door detent is provided which securely holds the door open or closed, to allow for safe switch operation.
  • A quick-break mechanism on both the 400- and 600-amp models effectively interrupts transformer-magnetizing current.

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