NOVA STS Recloser


The NOVA STS Single-Tank Triple-Single recloser consists of three single-phase recloser units in one tank. Each consists of an interrupting module, with embedded CT, and mechanism. The interrupter modules utilize outdoor cycloaliphatic-epoxy-encapsulated vacuum interrupters. Suitable for pole or substation mounting, the NOVA STS recloser provides automation of distribution feeders in line applications. The three NOVA STS recloser units are controlled by a single Form 6 recloser control, on a per-phase basis for both source and load that can be programmed for three operating modes.

Ratings 15, 29.2, and 38 kV Voltage Distribution Class
Ratings 630 or 800 A Continuous Current


The triple-single design provides the flexibility to adapt to your system and your needs. Designed with the flexible, automation-ready Form 6 Triple-Single control, the NOVA STS recloser has three operating modes.

  • Single-phase trip, single-phase lockout: Each individual phase trips and sequences to lockout independent of each other. This is primarily for residential loads and/or where single-phasing of three-phase loads is protected by other means.
  • Single-phase trip, three-phase lockout: Each phase senses line current and only the phase corresponding to the faulted phase will trip. If any one phase sequences to lockout, the other two phases also open, eliminating permanent single phasing of three-phase loads.
  • Three-phase trip, three-phase lockout: All three phases simultaneously trip on an overcurrent, reclose, and sequence together.

Dynamic Phase Tripping is configurable to trip and lockout all three phases in the event a phase-to-phase or three-phase fault is detected on the system.

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