NOVA-TS Recloser System


The Eaton Cooper Power series NOVA-TS triple-single recloser system, comprised of all the following, allows multi-mode configuration for coordinated, precise automation: Three single-phase NOVA-TS reclosers, each with its own manual trip lever and mechanical contact position indicator; Form 6 Triple-Single microprocessor-based control; one compatible, common junction box, which includes three interconnecting cables (user-specified length) to the NOVA reclosers, and one receptacle to provide easy access to the Form 6-TS control cable; user-specified length of control cable to adapt to mounting configurations.

Document Number Original Number Title
PA280004EN B280-99015 NOVA-TS Coordinated, Dependable, and Precise Automation
CA280002EN 280-05 General Ratings Information and Catalog Guide for Single-Phase and Three-Phase Reclosers
MN280045EN S280-42-2 Installation & Operation of NOVA-TS-15, 27, & 38 Recloser
PS280004EN G280-42-2 NOVA-TS Triple-Single Recloser and Form 6-TS Control Specification
MN280070EN S280-80-23 Dielectric Grease Application to Recloser Cable Instructions