NOVA-TS Recloser System


The Eaton Cooper Power series NOVA-TS triple-single recloser system, comprised of all the following, allows multi-mode configuration for coordinated, precise automation: Three single-phase NOVA-TS reclosers, each with its own manual trip lever and mechanical contact position indicator; Form 6 Triple-Single microprocessor-based control; one compatible, common junction box, which includes three interconnecting cables (user-specified length) to the NOVA reclosers, and one receptacle to provide easy access to the Form 6-TS control cable; user-specified length of control cable to adapt to mounting configurations.

Ratings 15, 27, and 38 kV voltage distribution class
Ratings 8, 12.5, and 16 kA (15 and 27 kV) interrupting current
Ratings 400, 630, and 800 A continuous current


The NOVA-TS recloser has three modes of operation:

  • Three-Phase Trip, Three-Phase Lockout (MODE A ): All three phases simultaneously trip on an overcurrent, reclose, and sequence together.
  • Single-Phase Trip, Three-Phase Lockout (MODE B): Each individual phase will sense line current and only the phase corresponding to the faulted phase will trip. If any one phase sequences to lockout, the other two phases also lockout, eliminating permanent single-phasing of three-phase loads.
  • Single-Phase Trip, Single-Phase Lockout (MODE C): Each individual phase trips and sequences to lockout independent of each other. This is primarily for residential loads and/or where single-phasing of three-phase loads is protected by other means.


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