WE, WVE, VWE, VWVE Electronically Controlled, Oil-Insulated Three-Phase Reclosers


Easily installed on poles and in substations, Types W-group three-phase, electronically controlled automatic circuit reclosers provide reliable, economic overcurrent protection. Available with vacuum or oil interruption, tripping is initiated by a series trip coil that releases the stored-energy trip mechanism when an overcurrent occurs. A closing solenoid supplies the energy for contact closing and also stores energy in the trip mechanism. Dual time-current characteristics permit coordination with other protective devices. A choice of four delayed characteristics allows flexibility in system coordination.

Ratings WE or VWE reclosers on systems rated 2.4 through 14.4.
Ratings WVE27 or VWVE27 on systems rated through 24.9 kV.
Ratings WVE38X and VWVE38X on systems rated 24.9 through 34.5 kV.


The Kyle reclosers in the W-group offer a broad selection of ratings to fit varied system needs. Recloser and control accessories enable further tailoring of the protective program to achieve maximum system operating flexibility.

Sensing current transformers, mounted in the recloser, supply fault-sensing information to the electronic control. Tripping and closing signals from the control energize the operating circuits in the recloser. Due to a single CT ratio for all ratings, minimum-trip values of the electronic control are independent of the continuous-current and interrupting ratings of the recloser. Flexibility in coordination with other protective devices is provided by dual time-current characteristics from a choice of available curves, minimum trip values, reclosing and resetting time settings, and a selection of accessories.

Contact-closing energy is provided by a closing solenoid that also stores energy in the trip mechanism. Low-voltage closing solenoids can be employed, but auxiliary voltage must then be supplied to the recloser.

  • Types WE, WVE27, and WVE38X reclosers use oil as the arc interrupting medium. Movable bridge-type contacts provide two breaks in series on each phase. Separate self-generating interrupter chambers at each of the two breaks provide for effective interruption of all currents, from minimum load to rated maximum fault.
  • Types VWE, VWVE27, and VWVE38X are vacuum-interrupted. A single break on each phase is accomplished by separating contacts inside the vacuum interrupter. All arcing is contained within the vacuum envelope.


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