Types NOVA 15, NOVA 27, & NOVA 38 Three-Phase Microprocessor-Controlled Recloser


The NOVA recloser is a three-phase, vacuum-interrupting recloser that successfully combines four patented technologies: cycloaliphatic-epoxy encapsulation, high-performance vacuum interrupter, dependable lower power mechanism, and an automated microprocessor Cooper Power Systems control. The solid polymer insulation is highly resistant to ozone, moisture, contamination, ultra-violet light, and tracking. The axial-magnetic contacts are ideal for encapsulation and the dual-coil actuator provides for years of rugged performance.

Ratings Available with maximum voltage ratings of 15 kV, 27 kV, and 38 kV.
Ratings Rated continuous current is 630 Amps.
Ratings 800 Amp accessory is available.


The NOVA recloser is available with two configuration options for all your substation and feeder applications:

  • Auxiliary-powered option for substation battery or transformer power
  • Control-powered option for complete opening and closing power supplied from the control

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