Types 6H and V6H


Types 6H and V6H three-phase, hydraulically controlled reclosers provide reliable, self-contained distribution-circuit overcurrent protection at low initial cost and require minimal service.

Ratings Three-phase systems with a maximum design voltage of 15.5 kV.


  • Available with vacuum or oil interruption, 6H and V6H adapt three single-phase interrupting structures with a common lockout mechanism.
  • In operation, these reclosers sense line current in each phase and trip individually; however, if one phase sequences to lockout, all phases lock out.
  • A series-connected coil initiates tripping.
  • A choice of dual time-current characteristics permits coordination with other protective devices.
  • A non-reclosing feature is set with a hotstick-operated lever for one operation-to-lockout without removing the recloser from service.

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