Reclosers-Three-Phase Electronically Controlled Type VSO


The VSO recloser features three vacuum interrupters, oil insulation, and an operating mechanism in an integral mounting frame. The electronic control is housed in a separate cabinet. Constructed of welded angle- and channel steel, the VSO recloser frame facilitates recloser handling, simplifies mounting procedures, and adds rigidity to the mounting structure. It provides a convenient mounting location for the tank-lifting windlass, which allows easy access to the interior of the recloser whether it is mounted on the pole or in the substation.

Ratings Rating of 560 amps maximum continuous current (800 amps accessory)
Ratings 12000 or 16000 symmetrical amps maximum interrupting current
Ratings Maximum voltage of 38 kV


A complete VSO recloser assembly consists of:

  • The recloser unit which includes an integral mounting frame, three vacuum interrupter assemblies, and an operating mechanism.
  • The electronic control housed in a separate cabinet.
  • An interconnecting cable.

Current interruption takes place in the three vacuum interrupter assemblies. A moving contact in each interrupter assembly is driven by the operating mechanism of the recloser.

The 24-volt closing and opening signals from the electronic control are powered by the control battery. A charging system in the control maintains the required battery charge.

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