SPEAR Single-Phase Recloser System


The SPEAR™ recloser system is a single-phase recloser and control utilizing field-proven recloser technology and the industry leading ProView™ NXG platform. The SPEAR single-phase recloser and control hosts a complete set of protection, automation, metering, and data acquisition functionality to maximize system performance and reduce customer outages.

Adding intelligent single-phase Eaton Cooper Power series SPEAR reclosers and controls to distribution lines can meet today's system reliability needs and easily transition for future Smart Grid applications.


Ratings Available with maximum voltage ratings of 15 kV, 27 kV, and 38 kV.
Ratings Rated continuous current is 400/630/800 Amps.


The SPEAR single-phase recloser provides:

  • Improved customer reliability and lower total life-cycle costs
  • Environmentally preferred gas-free and oil-free
  • Reduced installation time
  • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Solid Outdoor Cycloaliphatic Epoxy
    • Vacuum Interruption with Axial-Magnetic Field Contacts
    • Magnetic-Actuator Operated Mechanism

The SPEAR single-phase control meets your needs:

  • Protection flexibility with two separate protection profiles
  • Metering data with programmable integration intervals for system loading and planning
  • Data acquisition tools for post fault analysis
  • Receive system data locally or remotely with real-time metering and status indicators
  • SCADA-ready with native support for DNP3 communication protocol

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