Kyle Types D and DV single-phase, hydraulically controlled automatic circuit reclosers provide reliable, economical overcurrent protection for distribution systems.

Ratings Type D reclosers are designed for 15 kV system applications.
Ratings Type DV reclosers are designed for 15-34.5 kV system applications.


  • Types D and DV reclosers can sectionalize single-phase branches of three-phase feeders. The high continuous current and interrupting capacity of the Types D and DV reclosers enables them to be used on heavily loaded circuits with high available fault currents.
  • Types D and DV reclosers provide single-phase load protection, tripping, and automatic clearing of temporary faults. They are compact and self-contained in operation. Types D and DV reclosers can be easily coordinated with circuit breakers, sectionalizers, fuses, and other reclosers in the distribution system.
  • Tripping is initiated by a series-trip coil that releases the stored-energy trip mechanism when an overcurrent occurs. Current-carrying and interrupting capacities depend on the current rating of the series trip coil. A closing solenoid supplies the energy for contact closing and also stores energy in the trip mechanism.
  • These reclosers use oil as the arc-interrupting medium.