NOVA NX-T Recloser


Eaton's Cooper Power series NOVA NX-T recloser builds on the proven solid epoxy and vacuum interrupter technology of the NOVA recloser platform by incorporating a robust and reliable actuator design with integrated load-side resistive voltage sensors. In addition, the weather-resistant cable connector system helps protect cables from weather elements.


  • Mechanical interlock for enhanced safety
  • Integrated junction box simplifies cable connections and access
  • Standard frame for all configurations
  • Multiple control options available
  • More configuration options available from the factory
  • 16 kA rating for 15 kV and 27 kV applications with six integrated sensors
  • Compact, lightweight design for easier handling and installation
  • Voltage sensing magnitude accuracy of ±2.0% over the full temperature range on source and load sensors
  • Site-ready options available to reduce installation time and cost
  • New 38999 Series IV connectors protect cables from weather elements