PATHFINDER Variable Trip Current Reset Type


Eaton's Cooper Power series S.T.A.R. PATHFINDER Variable Trip Current Reset (CR) faulted circuit indicators are designed to quickly and easily locate faulted sections of cable systems. These faulted circuit indicators (FCI) can be installed on pad-mounted distribution transformers, sector cabinets, switchgear and overhead bare conductors. The closed core current transformer (CT) senses the fault current and provides power to operate the FCI. The unit automatically resets back to the normal position when the continuous current exceeds the 2.0 A minimum reset value. CR FCIs provide a reliable means of fault location and isolation.

Catalog Number SCVT
Electrical Ratings and Characteristics Refer to Catalog CA320009EN

Design Features

  • The Variable Trip design eliminates the need to specify a trip rating for the FCI. The load sensing feature adjusts the FCI to normal load conditions. When a fault occurs, the unit senses the rise in system current caused by the fault, followed by the loss of system power due to operation of the protective device. Thus, the Variable Trip FCI provides a “one size fits all” FCI, reducing inventory and eliminating problems caused by misapplication of FCIs.
  • An inrush restraint feature eliminates false tripping and is standard on all units. The S.T.A.R. faulted circuit indicator will ignore inrush currents caused by reclosing operations of protective devices on the system. A power loss of 1 cycle (16 ms) will activate the inrush restraint feature.
  • A low pass filter, also a standard feature, will prevent the S.T.A.R. faulted circuit indicator from tripping on high frequency transients like those caused by capacitive discharges.
  • The quick response time of the S.T.A.R. current reset faulted circuit indicator provides easy coordination with current-limiting fuses and other protection devices.
  • This unique combination of standard features makes the S.T.A.R. faulted circuit indicator extremely reliable.