UltraSIL Polymer-Insulated and Porcelain Type L Open Distribution Cutout


Type L cutouts are available in both polymer and porcelain designs, which provide reliable overcurrent protection for primary distribution circuits. Overcurrent protection safeguards an electric system from excessive currents produced by abnormal conditions such as faults, line or equipment overloads, or equipment failures.

Polymer and porcelain Type L cutouts are ruggedly constructed and will provide full range overcurrent protection from minimum melt of a given fuse link to the maximum nameplate interrupting current rating of the cutout. Polymer and porcelain Type L cutouts are available in 15.5 kV and 27 kV voltage ratings. Both polymer and porcelain Type L cutouts are available with a 100 A or 200 A fuse holder or with a 300 A disconnect blade.

Catalog Number S4B1E1A
Voltage Ratings 15.5 kV and 27 kV
Fuse Holder Ratings 100 A and 200 A
Disconnect Blade Holder 300 A


  • Fuseholders are interchangeable with polymer and procelain cutouts manufactured by S & C Electric Co. (Type XS), A.B. Chance Co. (Type C), and ABB (Type ICX).
  • The backbone of the UltraSIL polymer-insulated Type L cutout is comprised of an E-glass fiberglass rod with crimped-on galvanized steel hanger and end fittings.
  • The porcelain Type L cutout is designed with a solid core, birdproof, one piece porcelain frame with uniform shed configuration.
  • The fuseholder is constructed of an epoxy impregnated glass filament wound tube over an arc-quenching inner liner material.
  • The cast bronze lower hinge assembly has deep pockets for the trunnion to pivot to minimize accidental fuse removal.