Kearney Open Distribution Cutout- Type HX


Cooper Power Systems Kearney HX cutouts can be quickly and economically adapted to double current rating or higher interrupting ratings as load and system capacity increases dictate. Simple blade change out makes 300 A disconnects out of HX design. Fuseholders and blades are only stock items required for this broad versatility.

Catalog Number 144161-000
Ratings 100 & 200A Fuseholders - 7.8 kV, 7.8/13.8 kV, 15 kV, 15/27 kV, 27 kV
Ratings 100A Fuseholders - 27/38 kV, 38 kV
Ratings 300A Disconnect - 7.8 to 38 kV


Proven reliable operation

Highest reliability levels are endorsed by extensive field use records. Rugged design features make this possible:

  • Reverse current loop contacts at both line and hinge ends increase contact pressure during high surges preventing pitting and burning.
  • Positive lever operated latch prevents accidental opening.
  • High quality bronze basic construction. Stainless steel utilized in selected pins and springs.
  • Animal proofing. Completely independent of any organic substances.
  • Silver plated contact surfaces factory coated with effective contact aid.