HX-CB Loadbreak Fuse Cutout


The HX-CB loadbreak fuse cutout provides superior performance with the combination of the field-proven HX cutout and a compact, low profile loadbreak interrupter. The loadbreak interrupter is in the current path momentarily when interrupting the load current during the opening operation.

There is no parallel path through the loadbreak interrupter when the cutout is being closed or when the cutout is in the closed position. As a result, if inadvertently closed in on a fault or the cutout operates due to a fault, the fault current does not flow through the interrupter.

Catalog Number 144164-003


  • Should the main contacts not engage during the cutout closing operation, the fuseholder will fall to the fully open position. The fuseholder will not “hang up” in the loadbreak interrupter and give a false visual indication that the main cutout contacts are engaged.
  • The arc is interrupted within the enclosed arcing chamber of the interrupter.
  • The copper tungsten arcing contacts and UniKearn interrupting materials are completely enclosed and protected from contamination, wind-blown debris, ice, nesting insects or animals.