Surge Arrester/Type L Fuse Cutout Combinations


Surge arrester/Type L interchangeable fuse cutout combinations are available in a wide variety of both arrester and fuse cutout designs. Surge arresters are available in silicone rubber (UltraSIL polymer-housing) or porcelain-housing in heavy-duty, normal-duty or heavy-duty riser pole classifications, and UltraSIL Polyer-Housed Evolution surge arrester designs in ratings 3-36 kV.

Type L fuse cutouts are available with silicone rubber (UltraSIL polymer-insulated) or porcelain insulators for both 15 kV and 27 kV voltage ratings. Extra creepage designs are available for porcelain Type L cutouts to meet the user's application needs.

Catalog Number S4B1E1A001C0A
Ratings Tandem ELF Fuse Ratings, see Catalog CA132026EN


  • Cutouts are available with a 100 A or 200 A fuseholder or with a 300 A disconnect blade. Type L cutouts will also accommodate a Cooper Power Systems ELF full range current-limiting fuse and Tandem ELF backup fuse with series fuse link.
  • Combining the functions of a distribution-class surge arrester with a fuse cutout provides the convenience of a compact, efficient unit with less pole-top hardware. Combining these units also provides easier installation, handling and procurement.
  • All surge arresters used in the surge arrester/Type L fuse cutout combinations have been tested to, and meet or exceed, all requirements of the latest revision of IEEE Std C62.11™ standard, “IEEE Standard for Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating Current Power Circuits”.
  • UltraSIL polymer-insulated and porcelain Type L cutouts have been tested to and meet, or exceed, all requirements set forth by the latest revisions of IEEE Std C37.41™ and IEEE Std C37.42™ standards.