Arrester-Flipper Fuse Cutout Combinations


Eaton offers a wide variety of arrester/flipper fuse combinations. Flipper fuse assemblies can be ordered as a standalone kit, or in combination with a variety of distribution-class surge arresters. The packages combine the functions of a transformer mounted arrester and an open link fuse assembly to provide users effective overvoltage and overcurrent protection with a minimum of pole-top hardware.

Catalog Number UNG0905-OK1C-1D1A


  • Lightly loaded distribution systems with low available fault currents are ideal locations for these combinations.
  • Current ratings of the flipper fuse assembly include a continuous current rating of 50 A and an interrupting rating of 1200 A.
  • Arresters in these packages can be ordered with silicone rubber (UltraSIL™) or porcelain housings, while the internal design is a gapless MOV (VariSTAR®).
  • Arresters are available in normal or heavy duty distribution classifications.
  • All surge arresters supplied in these combinations have been tested to, and meet or exceed, all the requirements of the latest revision of IEEE C62.11, “IEEE Standard for Metal-oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating Current Power Circuits.”
  • Fuse links are not included with these packages.