VCS-3 Three-Phase Vacuum Capacitor Switch


The versatile VCS-3 switch is designed for general purpose, capacitive current switching, and distribution applications. The three-phase switch combines the proven NOVA switchgear solid insulation system with advanced interruption and an efficient magnetic-actuator operating mechanism.

The environmentally safe, solid dielectric, cycloaliphatic epoxy contains no gas, oil, or foam. The magnetic actuator provides fast, reliable operation and eliminates the need for closing/opening springs and mechanical latches. Fewer moving parts results in less wear on mechanical components.

Sturdy operating handles for manual, hotstick close and open, are standard features, ensuring operational capabilities should control power be lost.

Maximum Voltage 15.5 kV (110 kV BIL) and 29.2 kV (125 kV BIL)
Continuous Current 400 A
Operation Temperature Range -40°C to +55°C


The VCS-3 is a three-phase switch combining the proven NOVA solid insulation system with technologically advanced vacuum interrupters, and an efficient magnetic actuator operating mechanism. The versatile VCS-3 switch is ANSI C37.66 certified and designed for capacitive current switching applications.

The VCS-3 switch offers maximum voltage ratings of 15.5 kV (110 kV BIL) and 29.2 kV (125 kV BIL) with a rated continuous current of 400 Amps and is able to meet demanding applications up to 7.2 MVAr banks at 14.4 kV or 12.8 MVAr banks at 24.9 kV.

The VCS-3 switch has three, solid-polymer interrupter modules and is suitable for operation through a temperature range of -40°C to +55°C. The VCS-3 solid dielectric system is designed for no maintenance for the life of the switch. The Kyle NOVA solid insulation system is an environmentally friendly dielectric containing no oil or gas, the cycloaliphatic material and mold design offer outstanding performance. Excellent hydrophobicity, ultraviolet resistance, shed design, and physical properties are all inherent to the NOVA insulation system ensuring the VCS-3 is an environmentally safe switch for general purpose, capacitor, and distribution switching applications.

Reliable operation of the mechanism is assured by use of a magnetic actuator. The power required to operate the magnetic actuator is just 25 Watts (150 Watts peak), substantially less than solenoid-operated switches. Magnetic force provides faster, more efficient latching action than mechanical force. Magnetic latching utilizes fewer moving parts, resulting in less wear on mechanical components and yields latching force in excess of 136 kilograms (300 pounds), eliminating the need for closing/opening springs and mechanical latches.

The switch is equipped with sturdy operating handles for manual close and open operations, ensuring operational capabilities should control power be lost. The operating handles, both open and close, are standard features and designed for easy hotstick operation.

The VCS-3 switch is designed to exceed the ANSI C37.66 standard for close and latch operations. While the standard requires one close and latch operation (to demonstrate fault closing capability), the VCS-3 switch successfully completed five close and latch operations at 20,000 amps RMS asymmetric.