NR and NRV Single-Phase Capacitor Switches


Designed for use on distribution circuits, the compact design of the single-phase NR and NRV switches make them ideal for use on capacitor banks, especially pole-top installations. These economical switches are electrically operated and can be controlled by time switches, voltage- or current-sensitive control devices, or by single-pole/double-throw switches. An operating handle, which also serves as a contact position indicator, is provided as a standard feature for manually opening and closing the switch.

Document Number Title
CA230007EN/ Old 230-60 Type NR Oil Switch Catalog
MN230008EN/ Old S230-60-1 Type NR Oil Switch Installation Instructions
MN230001EN/ Old S230-60-8 Type NR Oil Switch Maintenance Instructions
PS230001EN / Old G230-60-1 Type NR Oil Switch Functional Specification Guide
TD230003EN/ Old R230-60-1 Type NR Oil Switch Service Part Number Cross Reference
TD230002EN/ Old R230-60-2 Type NR Oil Switch Spart Parts List