NR and NRV Single-Phase Capacitor Switches


Designed for use on distribution circuits, the compact design of the single-phase NR and NRV switches make them ideal for use on capacitor banks, especially pole-top installations. These economical switches are electrically operated and can be controlled by time switches, voltage- or current-sensitive control devices, or by single-pole/double-throw switches. An operating handle, which also serves as a contact position indicator, is provided as a standard feature for manually opening and closing the switch.

Ratings 14.4 kV and 95 kV BIL


The standard Type NR single-phase oil switch rated at 14.4-kV and 95-kV BIL is capable of switching three-phase capacitor banks up to 3600 kvar on 14.4-kV systems. Addition of the 125-kV BIL accessory enables switching solidly grounded capacitor banks up to 6400 kvar on multi-grounded-wye systems up to 14.4/24.9-kV.

Rated at 20-kV and 125-kV BIL, the single-phase-Type NRV can switch solidly grounded three-phase capacitor banks up to 2700 kvar on 20/34.5-kV multigrounded-wye systems.