Sidewall-Mounted & Cover-Mounted Bay-O-Net Fuse Assembly


Cooper Power Systems Bay-O-Net Fuse Assemblies are used to protect transformers and distribution systems. They are designed for use in pad-mounted or subsurface distribution transformers filled with Envirotemp FR3 fluid, transformer oil or approved equivalent. The assemblies combine the ease of hotstick operation with the safety of deadfront construction.

The optional Flapper Bay-O-Net fuse assemblies (available as sidewallmounted only) include a flapper valve inside the housing which closes when the fuse holder is removed. This results in minimal oil spillage from the transformer tank which increases safety to line personnel during fuse changeouts, reduces potential of environmental concerns with oil spillage, reduces potential of oil contamination on the molded rubber elbow connections and reduces sensitivity to pad tilting.

Document Number
CA132015EN/ Old 240-40
Sidewall-Mounted & Cover-Mounted Bay-O-Net Fuse Assembly
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TransFusion™ Coordination Program

This free, web-based, easy-to-use coordination tool makes transformer protective device selection for pad-mounted transformers effortless. By simply inputting a few pieces of data and selecting the desired level of protection, you can quickly find the right Cooper Power Systems ELSP fuse,  Bay-O-Net fuse, or MagneX™ Interrupter for your application. The TransFusion Coordination Program provides you the flexibility of trying various combinations before deciding on the one that best fits your application needs. A simple click of the print button allows you to print your TCC curves and part numbers.