Transformer Protection Devices

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TransFusion™ Coordination program

A simple, web-based coordination tool that makes transformer protection device selection effortless.


Continuous service of electrical power is important, however, situations may occur that require transformers to be removed from service to prevent damage to the transformer and/or the connected service. Proper selection and application of fuses in single- and three-phase transformers is essential to provide a reliable system and minimize the effects of the overcurrents on the system.

The protection of distribution transformers involves the careful balancing of many protection and operating concerns. The transformer protection must allow the normal range of currents due to energization, transient currents due to lightning, and heavy temporary loading periods. Further, it must protect the transformer from extended periods of heavy overloads and protect the system from a failed transformer.

TransFusion™ Coordination Program

This free, web-based, easy-to-use coordination tool makes transformer fuse selection effortless. By simply inputting a few pieces of data fields and selecting the desired level of protection, you can quickly find the right Eaton's Cooper Power™ series ELSP, MagneX™ Interrupter, or Bay-O-Net fuses for your application. The TransFusion Coordination Program provides you the flexibility of trying various combinations before deciding on the one that best fits your application needs. A simple click of the print button allows you to print your TCC curves and part numbers.