Kearney™ Fit-All™ Fuse Links

Cooper Power Systems Kearney™ Fit-All™ fuse links can be applied to a variety of applications requiring overcurrent protection of distribution systems and equipment. When properly coordinated  with other overcurrent protective devices, sectionalizing to isolate faulted feeder branches or equipment can be accomplished.

Kearney™ Fit-All™ fuse links are available in a variety of types offering a wide  selection of operating characteristics. The links incorporate low melting temperature elements, captive washers, high-resistance strain wires, and color-coded high strength tubes. The low temperature melting tin elements enhance overload capability by guaranteeing non-damageability of the fuse tubes. These elements are capable of absorbing vibration as well as thermal shock due to current surges and heating and cooling throughout the daily load cycle. They can be further distinguished by their years of superior service proven by Time Current Curve (TCC) verification of aged fuse links.