Automatic Sectionalizing Link


Eaton's Bussmann™ series Automatic Sectionalizing Link (ASL) is a self-contained circuit-opening device that, when used with either an upstream auto-recloser or multi-shot circuit breaker, sectionalizes and isolates the network thereby reducing the number of customers disconnected due to permanent faults. The ASL differentiates between transient and permanent faults, greatly reducing the number of outages caused by transient no-damage faults such as lightning. Using the Bussmann ASL, an economical system can be installed utilizing most existing expulsion dropout fuse mounts in conjunction with multishot circuit breakers or auto-reclosers.

Catalog Number 38ASL56C2US


  • Increased network reliability with an overall reduction in cost
  • Comprehensive range of ratings
  • Fits into existing expulsion fuse mounts
  • Silent, reliable drop-out action
  • Immunity to magnetizing inrush current
  • Surge and EMI protection
  • Self powered, no maintenance
  • Low threshold for hold off current

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