E200 Fluid


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E200 fluid is a fire-resistant liquid dielectric coolant developed for applications requiring high performance under extreme temperature conditions. Its unique formulation provides a very low pour point, well under -50 °C.

The fluid is a readily biodegradable synthetic ester whose performance has been augmented by a proprietary additive package. The resulting product is a clear, low viscosity fluid with excellent dielectric, thermal, and mechanical properties which make it particularly suitable for forced cooled applications.

Envirotemp™ is a licensed trademark of Cargill, Incorporated.

Flash Point (°C) ≥ 250
Fire Point (°C) > 300
Pour Point (°C) ≤ -45


  • Perfect for all climates with a pour point well below -50 °C
  • High fire-point over 300 °C (572 °F)
  • Environmentally preferred choice when compared to SF6
  • Non-toxic per standard LD50 oral toxicity test method
  • Visual clarity aids in verification through switchgear viewing window
  • Preferred dielectric fluid for underground distribution switchgear to -30 °C fluid temperature