In-home Peak Indicator


The In-home Peak Indicator Plug is part of a family of Demand Response technology solutions used to inform members when peak conditions occur. Combined with effective mailings and other communications from the power provider (cooperative), this technology enables members to set and maintain their own cost, environmental and reliability goals.


Eaton offers our "Beat the Peak" device, which is an in-home peak indicator with three LEDs, typically used to indicate Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) or peak demand events.

The Beat the Peak in-home price indicator provides information that homeowners can use to make informed individual decisions about when and how to voluntarily reduce load.

The device is plugged into a standard wall socket. The system initiates a signal that is sent throughout the distribution network to the Beat the Peak device.

  • A red light indicates a Beat the Peak event
  • A yellow light signals that the utility will initiate a Beat the Peak event within the next hour.
  • A green light lets the member know the device is powered on and is functioning normally.

The beauty of the Beat the Peak device is its simplicity. It is a “heads-up” alert that asks, not directs, homeowners to reduce load. The choice is up to the user.

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