Tester for Recloser Control, Type MET


The Type MET electronic recloser control tester is designed specifically for testing Type ME Form 2, Form 3, Form 3A, Form 4A, Form 4C, Form 4D, Form 5, Form 6, Types FX, FXA, and FXB controls.

The self-contained unit is compactly packaged in a sturdy, weather-proof carrying case with a detachable front cover. Cables for connecting the recloser, electronic control, and control battery to the tester are supplied with the tester and stored in the carrying case along with spare fuses and bulbs for panel lights. No other external equipment or accessories are required when using the tester. The tester can check operation of the electronic recloser control and also can check the electrical operation of the recloser (provided reclosing power is available at the recloser). However, the control cannot operate the recloser through the tester.

A recloser-simulator circuit is built into the tester to simulate recloser operation (indicated by red and green lights on the tester panel) and to simulate the response time of the recloser mechanism to trip and close signals. The recloser simulator provides a 2-1/2-cycles time delay to duplicate the interrupting time of a Type RE recloser in response to a trip signal from the control when recloser clearing time tests are being conducted. It also provides a time delay of approximately 30 cycles to duplicate the response time of a Type RE or WE recloser to a reclosing signal from the control when reclosing time tests are being conducted.

Input 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, single phase (fused for two amp) with 15-ft power cord and a three wire grounding plug.
240 Vac 50/60 Hz, single phase (fused for one amp) with 15-ft power cord with no plug attached, is available as an accessory.
Output 0—3000 mA continuously adjustable from front panel of tester.
DC METER Edgewise panel meter with two-in. horizontal scale; accuracy ±5% full scale; panel switched ranges: 0—4/40 mA, 0—40 V.
AC METER Edgewise panel meter with two-in. horizontal scale; accuracy ±5% full scale; panel switched ranges: 0—30/100/ 1000/3000 mA
TIMER LCD readout digital clock timer, 000.000 to 999.999 seconds in 0.001-second increments; with manual and automatic reset; accuracy ±0.001% ±1 digit.
Interconnecting Cables 15-ft cable for connecting electronic control to tester.
15-ft extension cable for connecting end of recloser cable to tester.
15-ft cable for directly connecting control-panel battery terminals to tester.
AC Power Cord 15-ft three-wire power cord with groundable power plug
Carrying Case Tester is packaged in a sturdy Formica covered carrying case with removable front cover; has provisions for storing power cord, interconnecting cables. and spare fuses and bulbs.


The tester has the capability to check the following:

  • Battery voltage (load and no load).
  • Battery charge and discharge rates.
  • Minimum-trip current, phase and ground (low range to 5 amp ground).
  • Operating sequence.
  • Control response time (phase and ground trip).
  • Reclosing time.
  • Reset time.
  • Electrical operation of recloser.
  • Various accessory functions through simulation of the conditions under which they operate.

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