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ProView 5.x Versions

ProView 5.1 Rev 01

ProView 5.1 rev01 corrections

  • ProView 5.0 rev00 Application launcher was unable to detect ProView 5.1 Rev00 schemes.
  • Sequence Coordination Counter counts beyond max 3 overcurrent events if additional SC events occur. Control will still trip and lockout according to programmed delayed TCC2 operations.
  • Minor scheme conversion issues using the Upgrade Wizard application (UGW)
  • TS Scheme in 1:1 mode, “CLOSE FAIL: SYNC”, SOE is not generated for B phase or C Phase.

Bug fixes

  • Corrected TCP/IP protocol stack weakness
  • ProView stability issues with large schemes
  • Sync check issue in 3/3 mode
  • Remote trip and reclose
  • Multiple minor corrections

Performance Improvements

  • Improve serial and Ethernet Communications with ProView
  • Add configurable timeouts to accommodate various communications methods

File Management enhancements

  • Eliminate need to put schemes in “F6” folder

Feature enhancements

  • Application launcher – provides single launch pad for all ProView 4.0, 4.0.1, and 5.0 versions
  • Upgrade Wizard – simple button selection to autorun scheme file and control conversion of ProView 4.0, 4.0.1, and 5.0 to ProView 5.1
  • Selectable secondary or primary voltage displayed in the sequence of events
  • Drop in Sectionalizer and Switch mode schemes
  • Dual Directional OC protection – Standard F6 (not F6TS) – provides independent phase, ground, and negative sequence settings in both directions. Ideal for Co-Gen and FLISR systems (YFA)
  • Six profiles – added flexibility to program multiple overcurrent protection profiles, voltage protection profiles, sectionalizer, and switch mode.
  • Fault distance recording – separate event log that records current, time of day, distance to fault – viewed on ProView / saved as text file

This software version eliminates the Ethernet application vulnerability addressed in NCCIC/ICS-CERT Advisory ICSA-15-006-01.

Note: This software version is compatible with Form 6 and Form 6-TS controls with standard hardware (indicated with expanded memory designation on the front panel). If your Form 6 control does not have the expanded memory designation on the front panel, contact your Eaton’s Cooper Power series product representative or the Switchgear Support Group regarding a hardware upgrade.

ProView 5.0 Rev. 01 – Production release on 5.0 platform includes Upgrade Wizard to convert ProView 4.0 and 4.0.1 to ProView 5.0, Application Launcher program for simplifying ProView file management and connectivity to multiple ProView versions of Form 6 and Form 6-TS recloser controls.   

Upgrade Description

Corrected issues identified in ProView 4.0.1. 

Key features:  Switch and Sectionalizer modes, Secondary and Primary metering on LCD display, Online phasors with selectable scaling, memory analysis tool, DNP over UDP

Form 6
- Compatible with Form 6 controls with legacy and standard hardware (both expanded memory designation and no expanded memory designation on the front panel).

Form 6-TS – Compatible with standard hardware (indicated with expanded memory designation on the front panel)