Form 6 Recloser Control


The innovative and industry-leading Form 6 recloser control is designed for rapid user customization, full protection and metering, all under the automation umbrella. The Form 6 recloser control uses a powerful, yet flexible, platform design to provide maximum protective functionality, standardized hardware design, and simple interactive graphical interfaces. Standardize on the Form 6 recloser control. One common platform — many control options.

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Benefits and Uses

The Form 6 control is designed to be a flexible, easy to use control that has been built to the specifications of utility crews, service technicians, and field operators. It provides important service restoration operations, with instant access to operating functions to quickly determine the status of a device, locate faulted phases, check counters, and find other critical information.

The Form 6 control is ideal for a variety of substation applications including:

  • Main Feeder Protection
  • Industrial Service Entrance
  • Cogeneration Inter-tie
  • Automation via PeerComm Communication Protocol
  • Distribution Automation via integration with Cooper Power Systems Cybectec line of products
  • Portable Substation

The versatile Form 6 control can be used in the following line applications:

  • Main Line Sectionalizing
  • Automatic Reconfiguration
    • PeerComm Communication Protocol Automation
    • Loop Sectionalizing
  • Sectionalizing Laterals
  • Power Quality Monitoring

The Form 6 control is available in various mounting configurations including:

  • Pole Mount
  • Yard Mount
  • Rack Mount
  • Triple-Single
  • Triple-Single Loop Scheme
  • Pole Mount Loop Scheme