Form 4D Recloser Control


A true plug-in control for Eaton's Cooper Power series reclosers, the Form 4D control is the simple solution for new reclosers and a replacement for legacy controls on currently installed reclosers. Plug-and-play common parts incorporated into the Form 4D control facilitate easy installation, service, and replacement. These design elements were specifically incorporated to ensure future upgradeability as application needs change – providing long-term benefits for Eaton customers. The Form 4D control easily integrates with multiple vendor products. In addition, the diverse range of communication protocols facilitate integration into legacy and emerging networks.

Catalog Number KME4DP (Base letters for a Form 4D pole-mount control)
Interface Software ProView NXG


  • Control Security
  • Protection Profiles
  • Reclosing and Overcurrent Protection/TCCs
  • TCC Editor II
  • Sensitive Earth Fault
  • High Current Lockout
  • Cold Load Pickup
  • Hot Line Tag
  • Fast Trips Disabled
  • Ground Trip Precedence
  • Voltage Protection
  • Frequency Protection
  • Sync Check
  • Sequence Coordination
  • Manual Close Time Delay
  • Metering
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Recloser Wear Monitor
  • Sequence of Events Recorder
  • Data Profilier
  • Internal Voltage Sensing

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