Edison Idea Relays

Integrated control and protection.

Available now in Feeder and Line Distance relay versions, the Idea relay incorporates the most sophisticated software expandability of any relay available. Its unique Idea Workbench feature allows the relay's functionality to be expanded by adding/downloading software modules. These modules can be created by the end user, third party developers, or from Cooper. Imagine the ability to upgrade the functionality of your protection and control system without the need to update your relay's firmware. This also reduces the need to stock multiple versions of a given relay depending upon a specific field application.

In addition to offering a full suite of protective elements in each relay, the Idea relay incorporates extensive front panel targeting to allow for fast and efficient visual determination of the relay’s status, fault type, control modes, etc. The Idea relay also features eight front panel hot keys which permit the user to immediately access selected display screens, view metering, access settings, implement control functions, or even to perform local operations. Although the function of each hot key is predefined for each Edison Idea relay, these definitions may be changed by the user to meet application specific requirements.