Capacitor Bank Controls

Eaton is a leading supplier of cost effective Distribution Automation Capacitor Bank Control (CBC) solutions. Our controls are Smart Grid communication ready and have been deployed in Smart Grid automation solutions since 1998.

Utilities are looking for products which reduce VAR flow by deploying distribution capacitors with automated capacitor bank controls. The Eaton's Cooper Power™ series Capacitor Bank Controls are field proven, with a feature rich design that offers great flexibility in meeting the utilities field deployment requirements.

Eaton is driven by innovation; as utilities are being driven to reduce energy consumption 24/7, and to reduction of their peak demand, Eaton has developed an Integrated Volt VAR Management software application. The applications operational objective is a flat voltage profile at unity power factor. This advanced Smart Grid application uses communicating capacitor bank controls, regulators, and LTC’s to meet targeted business objectives.

The net business benefits are a greater percentage of energy delivered to paying customers, deferment in investment in peaking generation plants and charges, and a reduction in the environmental impact of energy delivery.