Yukon Visual Asset Monitoring

Substation maintenance managers are concerned about identifying conditions leading to catastrophic failures in high-value assets. Eaton's Visual Asset Monitoring is a Cooper Power™ series solution that provides real-time, remote monitoring that can help identify abnormal operating conditions or early failure indications. The result is a timely, appropriate response before a situation becomes critical.

Unlike periodic manual testing, real-time asset monitoring provides timely notification with trended contextual data instead of a generic trouble alarm. It allows appropriate event response while lowering the risk of component failure. This increases system reliability and equipment availability and prolongs the life of high-value assets.

The system sends pager, e-mail, or text message alerts with links to trend information directly to the primary maintenance provider—usually before generic trouble alarms arrive at a 24x7 operations center. Detailed information is securely accessible from any location.

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A comprehensive communications/information architecture—ensures the right information is available to the right person at the right time.

Eaton's Visual Asset Monitoring solution consists of three main components:

  • Sensors and Gateways—sensors designed for the severe environments of substations and gateways that bridge sensor data to the substation communications system
  • Communications—a variety of communications options for data retrieval that include fiber optics, copper, and wireless media
  • Software—Yukon—an enterprise class suite of advanced energy management software that addresses all of the complex operations of a multi-faceted utility.

Eaton's asset monitoring package is a cost-effective solution for monitoring real-time the health of transformers and circuit breakers and collecting a long-term, detailed operating history of the system. Monitoring packages support multiple sensor configurations, communication protocols, and communication mediums. The system can also monitor other equipment, including third-party devices, such as DGA and bushing monitors.

Real-time circuit breaker or transformer monitoring provides an instantaneous check of the device’s health including the condition of the mechanical system, insulation system, and other parameters important to proper operation. Moreover, the system records the data from every circuit breaker or transformer and stores it in a data historian that provides trended data and operational history. By reviewing this information, utilities can develop a maintenance schedule based on the condition of the equipment. It also provides input for developing capital expenditure plans.

Visual Asset Monitoring Server

The Yukon platform is an enterprise class suite of energy management software that addresses all of the complex operations of a multi-faceted utility. Yukon is the foundation supporting Eaton's Energy Automation Solutions vision to implement any Smart Grid initiative. The software is an innovative, flexible, and intelligent platform that is scalable for all types of deployments and supported by a full-time team of dedicated personnel.

Visual T&D Browser Hosted System

For utilities without IT departments or who prefer not to install Visual T&D on local servers, Eaton offers a Visual T&D Browser system. The hosted system collects substation data and stores it on commercial secure servers. Utilities have secure access to all of their data online via the Internet from any location. The only requirement is a Web browser. Eaton's flexible roll out program permits bringing additional substations online as budget or operating conditions allow.

Communication Path Studies

Eaton recognizes reliable communication links as absolutely essential to every successful radio telemetry system installation.

Eaton’s turn-key solution provides an operational system from day one

For utilities that wish to free themselves from installing a new system, Eaton offers a turn-key solution that will provide the latest Asset Monitoring capabilities and a Visual T&D system.

Complete system design

Eaton engineers and designers will work with a utility’s engineers and operations personnel to develop a system design that includes equipment configuration, software, database and display development, installation supervision, and support.

All necessary hardware provided

Eaton's turn-key solution includes all required hardware, both in the office and in the field. This often includes any applicable upgrades for existing Eaton's Cooper Power™ series equipment, field sensors, communications infrastructure, RTUs, servers, and more.