SMP 4/DP Gateway (Data Concentrator)


The SMP 4/DP Distribution Processor Gateway is a robust, secure and flexible data acquisition platform that bridges the gap between Substations and Automation Systems!

Installed directly in protective relay enclosure or in the switchyard, this SMP Gateway provides essential communication and data concentration features and it has been designed to operate over a very broad temperature range which is critical to utilities who serve extreme temperature environments.

It also provides utilities with the advanced features required to build intelligent solutions that meet NIST Smart Grid roadmap and security guidelines.

The SMP 4/DP Distribution Processor provides the following functions:

  • Extracts and concentrates data from any device, regardless of protocol
  • Sends data to SCADA, control centers, and any other centralized management applications
  • Automates data processing and device control
  • Provides secure remote access to any device
  • Future-proof your Smart Grid — facilitates upgrades for security, protocol, or other improvements

The SMP 4/DP comes with a complete set of Microsoft Windows based maintenance and configuration tools. These tools are easy to use and offer both local and remote access to the SMP configuration, security settings, log files, communication traces, and system statistics.