SMP 4/DP Gateway (Data Concentrator)


The SMP 4/DP Distribution Processor Gateway is a robust, secure and flexible data acquisition platform that bridges the gap between Substations and Automation Systems!

Installed directly in protective relay enclosure or in the switchyard, this SMP Gateway provides essential communication and data concentration features and it has been designed to operate over a very broad temperature range which is critical to utilities who serve extreme temperature environments.

It also provides utilities with the advanced features required to build intelligent solutions that meet NIST Smart Grid roadmap and security guidelines.

With its 4 serial ports, and its 2 Ethernet ports, the SMP 4/DP is the ideal tool for both inside and outside the substation fence automation and integration applications. It will provide utilities with more:

  • Flexibility—Use the SMP 4/DP for retrofit and upgrade projects. It integrates existing / legacy RTUs, IEDs, PLCs, and multiple control centers
  • Reliability—Use the SMP 4/DP to create a homogenous system with a single point of access for all substation data
  • Security—Use the SMP 4/DP to implement advanced security features in your system such as user authentication, complex passwords, security event logging and monitoring, SSL/TLS encryption, X.509, malware protection, DNP3 Master and Slave Secure Authentication and built-in firewall
  • Robustness—Use the SMP 4/DP to save rack space and meet all IEC and IEEE requirements for substation-grade equipment
  • Intelligence and scalability—Use the SMP 4/DP to Extract non-operational data for planning, maintenance, engineering, and fault analysis
  • Expertise—Use the SMP 4/DP and work with our expert team who has decades of experience in substation gateway design

Cooper Power Systems SMP Gateway is the field-proven solution to building a modern automation system. With more than 100 protocols available– including IEC 61850 and IEEE C37.118, the SMP 4/DP is robust, but extremely flexible—helping utilities comply with the latest Smart Grid and security requirements.