SMP 16 Gateway (Data Concentrator)

SMP 16/SP Substation Processor

The SMP Gateway is a single point of access  to substation data, helping utilities to streamline the automation process and to provide complete control of their environment. The SMP 16/CP Gateway is the ideal first step in a substation automation project. As the entry-level solution, it supports redundancy, IEC 61850 Goose messaging and delivers strong security features—all in the same box. The most advanced and flexible solution in the SMP Gateway family, the SMP 16/SG includes all of the SMP 16/CP features, with added expandability with up to 48 universal RS-232/422/485 serial ports.

Processor 600 MHz Intel® Celeron® M (Standard); 1.4 GHz PentiumTM M (Optional)
Operating System Windows CE
Ethernet Communications 2 10/100BASE-TX; 2 100BASE-FX (Optional)
Serial Communications Up to 16 RS-232/422/485; 1 RS-232 console
Supported Protocols DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850, ICCP, MODBUS, and most electrical industry proprietary protocols
Connectivity 128 devices; 64 control centers; 10,000 data points
Temperature Ratings -30C to 65C/-22F to 149F (Operating); -40C to 85C/-40F to 185F (Storage)
Power Supply Options 21-29 VDC; 42-56 VDC; 85-264 VAC/105-370 VDC


  • Upgrade legacy RTUs—Preserve your investment. Use the SMP 16 Gateway to connect your existing RTUs to new control centers, using modern control center protocols
  • Add new IEDs—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to integrate new digital devices such as protection relays, PLCs or IEDs. Make device data available to both new control centers and existing legacy control centers
  • Connect to the WAN—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to integrate both legacy and modern serial devices into the corporate WAN
  • Perform remote device maintenance and configuration—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to remotely access any device's maintenance port
  • Access non-operational data—Use the SMP 16 Gateway to automatically retrieve fault, event and disturbance recordings. Provide a single point of access for non-operational data

The SMP 16 Gateway comes with a complete set of Microsoft Windows based maintenance and configuration tools. These tools are easy to use and offer both local and remote access to the SMP configuration, security settings, log files, communication traces, and system statistics.

The SMP Substation Gateway is a family of substation-grade intelligent devices designed to integrate both existing and new RTUs, IEDs, PLCs and control centers into a single homogeneous automation system.

The SMP 16 Gateway communication processor provides the following functions:

  • Protocol Translator—Convert standard or proprietary device protocols to control center protocols such as DNP3, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 or IEC 61850 (UCA 2.0): one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many
  • Data Concentrator—Collect data from all substation devices, regardless of protocol, and make it available to control centers and the local HMI, using LAN, WAN or serial connections
  • Terminal Server / Serial Port Switch—Use the SMP 16/Gateway to connect to substation devices for remote maintenance, monitoring and control
  • Automation Processor—Replace dedicated PLCs and perform local data processing using the built-in automation functions or the IEC-6113-compatible Soft PLC
  • Hardware and software redundancy—Group two SMP 16 Gateways to provide redundant fail-safe operation. Cooper Power Systems’ advanced software also supports redundant network connections, redundant devices and redundant control center connections