GridAdvisor Series II


The GridAdvisor™ Series II smart sensor helps utilities improve the efficiency in which they operate their distribution systems by improving outage management and capacitor bank maintenance while providing critical system information not previously available. This simple yet sophisticated device can announce directional fault targeting, detect capacitor bank fuse failure and provide real time line monitoring at nearly any location via DNP3 protocol.

The GridAdvisor Series II smart sensor saves both operation and maintenance dollars by reducing drive time, and maximizes energy dollars by keeping capacitors online, operating at peak efficiency. The sensors are hot stick installable.  These industry leading sensors are the easiest way to gain SCADA visibility across the power distribution network.  No additional hardware or software is required. The smart sensor meets or exceeds IEEE Std 495™-2007 standard making it suitable for both overhead and underground applications.

Catalog Number E0013X41G10
Power Requirements 3 Amps primary current
Reset Time Field Configurable 4-12 hours
Trip Current 25, 100, 350 variable trip di/dt
Minimum Operating Voltage 5.0 kV
Fault Withstand Capability 25 kA for 10 Cycles per IEEE Std 495™-2007 standard
Temperature Range -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
Materials Corrosion-resistant and submersible per IEEE Std 495™-2007 standard
Weight 2.42 lbs (1.097 kg)


  • Patented Energy Harvesting technology to eliminate external power sources
  • Penta-band multimode 3G/4G cellular modem with replaceable SIM card
  • Replaceable battery to increase longevity of smart sensor
  • Upgradeable over-the-air firmware eliminates costly trips to update sensor
  • ProView™ NXG application software standard interface provides common configuration platform for use with other Eaton’s Cooper Power System products
  • DNP3 protocol for simple integration into SCADA, OMS and other Smart Grid applications
  • Accurate Demand Reporting to provide simple SCADA visibility to remote substations
  • Directional Fault Targeting to better isolate faults on closed loop or paralleled circuits

Fault Detection

The GridAdvisor Series II smart sensor is an integrated line sensor and cellular modem. The sensor continuously monitors the line to which it is connected.  The GridAdvisor Series II smart sensor is a DNP3 level 2 compliant device.  The sensor’s line monitoring data can be retrieved directly by SCADA or OMS via DNP3 polls. The sensor can also be configured to report by exception via DNP3 messages when line monitoring data changes outside of a configurable dead band. In outage management applications the sensor monitors the power system for a high rate of current change followed by a loss of potential. This waveform characteristic is used to report system disturbances and provide fault targeting to the utility. The variable trip characteristic does not need a static trip threshold programmed into sensor. This frees a protection or control engineer from having to custom program each sensor for the specific installed location.

As a capacitor bank monitoring sensor, it measures current levels on the common neutral conductor and uses cellular communications networks to transmit readings. High neutral current readings may indicate blown capacitor bank fuses or other bank failure. The GridAdvisor Series II smart sensor identifies such unexpected current levels, and issues alerts to operation and maintenance personnel.

The smart sensor utilizes a penta-band multimode modem simplifying the deployment strategy for a utility. A  single sensor can be installed for high speed packet access (HSPA)+ 4G networks or code division multiple access (CDMA) networks maximizing the coverage of multiple public cellular providers including Verizon®, AT&T® and more. The wide spectrum of supported frequencies gives the sensor a true global footprint.

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