Yukon Enterprise Software

The Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform is the most mature enterprise software platform in the industry.  Cooper Power Systems has a 20+ year history of providing best-in-breed utility software applications. Yukon brings together AMI, Demand Response, and Distribution Automation, including Var Management, Integrated Volt/Var Control, Smart Sensors, Automatic Feeder Reconfiguration, Substation Monitoring and SCADA on one, easy-to-use platform with a single-user interface.

The Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform addresses needs of dispatchers, system administrators, casual users, customer service representatives, consumers, installers and any other stakeholder in the system.

Yukon provides access, management, security, redundancy and scalability to support any type of AMI, demand response or power factor management program and is designed to deploy within the utility’s IT environment. Yukon is widely used, rigorously tested and regularly updated. It is at the core of our solution offering to our clients. Cooper Power Systems Yukon AMI Suite empowers all advertised functionality, including providing access, reporting and exporting of metering data.

The Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform has been designed to deploy inside the existing IT environment. The existing rules for service monitoring, redundancy, backups, mirroring, etc. are typically used with the deployment of this platform. Off-the-shelf hardware (specifications available) can be used. Yukon operates in a Microsoft Windows OS environment and is built upon a true three tier design architecture. The browser-based solution is both easy-to-use and extensible to a large system. The platform can utilize either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database platforms. It also has a built-in browser-based report generator to easily generate reports of the wide array of information available.

Yukon has been integrated to more than 30 enterprise applications to date, including Customer Information Systems (CIS), Outage Management Systems (OMS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Engineering Analysis (EA) packages, Graphical Information Systems (GIS) and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) via a number of integration methods. Available integration options include MultiSpeak®, OPC Server, ICCP, DNP Translation, Cooper’s Real-time Data Exchange (RDEX) published API, Socket-based Interfaces, Cooper’s Enterprise Integration Model (EIM), Direct Database Integrations, and Flat-file interfaces. 

No other vendor has as powerful a software platform as Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform, an extensible enterprise-class software platform that can function at the center of all our clients’ automation initiatives. Yukon’s capabilities and usability are significant differentiators between a true Smart Grid provider such as Cooper Power Systems and other niche entities.

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