Protocol Conversion


Since the initial development steps of the first-generation SMP Gateway, developed in the early ‘90s, protocol support and conversion have always been central to the strength and success of the Cybectec SMP product line. Whether it is for data concentration or protocol translation, protocol components are essential to the good working of the SMP Gateway. Cooper Power Systems’ product development group is continuously improving these components and increasing the number of supported protocols (and consequently, the number of supported devices).

There are essentially two types of protocol components: slave and master. Slave protocols implement all the functions necessary to process requests received from SCADA or control centers. Master protocols implement the functions necessary to poll devices and send control requests. In terms of client and server terminology, slave protocols are server protocols, and master protocols are client protocols.

The SMP Gateways, SMP 16 and SMP 4/DP, support most industry-standard slave and master protocols, such as DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, Modicon MODBUS, ICCP, etc. It also supports proprietary protocols used by the most popular substation devices. Cooper Power Systems’ can also develop custom protocols components that meets your requirements, to support legacy RTUs or other devices that are not supported yet.

Data acquired through different master protocols can also be made available to OPC-compatible SCADA and control centers, using the SMP OPC Server. This PC application, which is nearly zero configuration efforts, connects to multiple SMP Gateway to make the real-time data available through the OPC Data Access interface.

Additional Cooper Power Systems’ Software Protocol Conversion Solutions

A Communication Server option is offered for Yukon Visual T&D, Cooper Power Systems’ advanced HMI solution designed for substations. This optional module provide access to a large variety of devices from ABB, AREVA, GE, SEL, Siemens and others, using the same technology and master protocols that are available on the SMP Gateway. Moreover, Visual T&D offers client and server OPC Data Access connectivity, to retrieve real-time data from OPC servers and to make all of its real-time data available to OPC-based SCADA and control center applications.