RFN-1200 Wireless Radio


The RFN-1200 wireless radio from Eaton's Cooper Power Systems provides secure two-way communication with the Yukon™ master station using the DNP3 protocol. Both serial and Ethernet connectivity is standard with the RFN-1200 radio. Flexible deployment options allow the radio to be used as an overlay to an existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) or Demand Response (DR) network.

The RFN-1200 radio can be utilized in a Distribution Automation (DA) scenario to leverage Eaton’s self-forming, self-optimizing and self-healing Smart Grid network. This network-first approach can assist in tracking and maintaining
critical utility assets today, and allow your utility to leverage the network for your future Smart Grid applications.


  • The RFN-1200 can be used with many types of controls such as capacitor bank controls, voltage regulator controls and reclosers.
  • Fully interoperable within Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems Smart Grid network
  • Auto-populated setup within the Yukon head-end master station
  • Supports industry standard DA communications over RF AMI networks (DNP 3.0)
  • Can be used with existing DA devices:
    • Capacitor bank control
    • Voltage regulator controls
    • Recloser controls