The Cooper Power Systems RF AMI solution is a superior performing mesh technology that is a robust and intelligent meter networking architecture. Cooper Power Systems RF solution is 100% self-forming, self-managing, and self-healing, providing lower implementation costs and lower maintenance costs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownserhip. Scalability and interoperability are at its foundation and most notably, Cooper Power Systems RF mesh can provide an integrated single network solution for electric, water and gas utility’s advanced meter data collection that ensures a unified approach to communication protocols, security and on-going technology advancements.


The Cooper Power System RF network offers high bandwidth, minimal latency and superior flexibility and was designed to support a utility’s AMI, DR and DA initiatives. All network communications are mutually authenticated and all Cooper Power Systems devices can securely receive remote firmware updates via the network. The resilient spread spectrum meshing technology operates in the ISM bands at 902-928 MHz and does not require the utility to obtain frequency licenses. The Cooper Power Systems RF solution provides for interoperability as defined by the DOE/NIST requirements.

No other vendor has as powerful a software platform as Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform, an extensible enterprise-class software platform that can function at the center of all our clients’ automation initiatives. Yukon’s capabilities and usability are significant differentiators between a true Smart Grid provider such as Cooper Power Systems and meter vendors or communication companies offering AMI.

Cooper Power Systems RF AMI Features

  • Industry leading end-to-end security with node-to-node authentication and derived
    encryption keys for each data exchange
  • 100% self-forming, self-organizing and self-managing network minimizes total cost of ownership
  • Open standards connectivity to utility network
  • Platform-ready and “future-proof”: Network is high bandwidth, minimal latency and flexible
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs relative to other AMI networks
  • Platform can support full two-way communications for electric, water and gas meters on the same RF Mesh network
  • Vendor agnostic system for electric, water and gas meters and in-home displays, load control
    devices and thermostats
  • The industry’s most complete demand response portfolio
  • Integrated directly into the Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform with simultaneous PLC, RF and cellular connections available

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