Gateway 800


The Gateway 800 (GWY-800) is fully compatible with standard backhaul communication protocols and hardware, such as cellular, DSL, fiber and private backhaul. It automatically and seamlessly networks, collects and controls Smart Grid information, and is ideal for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Demand Response (DR) and Distribution Automation (DA) applications

Catalog Number 32800X42G54, 32800X42G70, 32800X42G73
Communication Options Ethernet, Cellular
Operating Frequency 902 MHz to 928 MHz Licensed Free Band
Operating Requirements 120 Vac to 277 Vac or 12 Vdc
Enclosure Dimensions 3.46" H x 10.26" W x 11.06" D
Weight 3.0 lb


  • Optional cellular modem support for VerizonĀ® or AT&TĀ® cellular networks
  • Fully self-configuring wireless mesh network
  • Fully bi-directional interface between RF mesh network and the back office
  • Wireless or wired high-speed TCP/IP connection to the back office
  • Support for electric, water and gas meters, load control switches and distribution automation controls on one network
  • Fail-over protection between GWY-800 gateways
  • Built-in backup power for short duration outage notifications (additional backup power available with optional enclosure and UPS)
  • Highly secure authentication, key generation and encryption with all Nodes
  • Configurable access control
  • IP56 rated enclosure