Consistent power demands a reliable infrastructure


Commercial buildings require a constant, reliable electrical power infrastructure to ensure productivity. Eaton solutions and services make buildings more reliable, efficient and safe. We provide the engineering services that support every stage of a project – from design to post-installation support. 

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Data Centers

As the size and scale of the Data Center market continues to grow, the industry’s consumption of energy and subsequent emission of greenhouse gases continues to take center stage. Although the primary focus continues to be maximizing uptime and supporting business demand, Eaton is helping data center operators and owners address the challenges of improving energy efficiency and reducing power consumption.

Liquid-filled transformers from Eaton have efficiently and reliably served more than 750MW of critical data center capacity for more than 4,000,000 hours without an hour of downtime. On the heels of this record, Eaton continues to raise the bar in transformer design, providing ultimate reliability. The company’s Envirotran HDC (Hardened Data Center) transformer is designed with special attention to surge protection, providing superior performance under the most stressful electrical environments. The transformer surpasses dry-type transformers in every performance category; reliability, fire safety, loadability, operational life, efficiency, thermal loading, and installed footprint.

Limited Entry Conditions

Modular construction of Triplex IPC transformers facilitates installation in limited entry conditions. Downtime can be reduced by stocking a spare single-phase transformer for emergency situations. Flawless fire safety of Triplex IPC is attributed to the use of Eaton's patented Envirotemp FR3 fluid, a less-flammable and bio-degradable dielectric fluid. Integrated switching and protection schemes are available with triplex designs to withstand operational challenges.