Emergency Shipment Policy Summary

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Customer Support Center


24-Hour Answering Service

(262) 367-1677

Revised April 2013

The purpose of the policy is to form consistent guidelines for handling emergency orders, which covers all customers ordering products from Eaton, regardless of their distinction as distributor, OEM, or end user.

There are some instances where our customers need to order products for immediate shipment due to emergency situations. Inventorying emergency stock as well as the expediting of materials and commitment of overtime for manufacturing product results in significant additional expense to Eaton. Eaton feels it is appropriate for this additional expense to be paid for by the customers who are ordering on an “emergency” basis. As a result, the following procedures are to apply:

  • As is standard practice, Eaton will increase its stock levels on key materials during storm seasons.
  • Primary point of contact for all emergency orders is the Customer Support Center (CSC). Names, addresses, and phone numbers are listed at the end of this summary. All emergency related information and orders should be directed to the CSC. This will reduce duplicated efforts.
  • All emergency orders that are received will be considered “urgent” and the customer will be assessed special handling charges as outlined below.
  • Emergency orders should be placed on a separate Purchase Order and sent via EDI or fax. The order and/or fax cover letter should clearly state that the attached order is an “emergency order.”
  • For any product shipped on an emergency need basis prior to the normal lead-time, Eaton will add 10% to the normal price paid. There may be some products, “engineered or make-to-order products” where the 10% adder will not be adequate to address Eaton efforts associated with the procurement of raw materials, revising production schedules, incurring additional labor (at an overtime premium), etc. In these instances, Eaton will present an appropriate adder to the customer prior to being invoiced in excess of the 10%.
  • Eaton will commit to a shipment date schedule. If the material is not shipped within two (2) workdays of the agreed upon schedule or sooner, the adder will not be charged.
  • In most instances, the additional charges will be added to the order as a separate line item on the invoice, however, the additional adder, if in excess of 10%, could also be invoiced separately at a later date referencing the original shipment/invoice.
  • The CSC has the responsibility of coordinating all emergency orders and attaching and/or deducting the adders.
  • The special handling charge (as a percentage) will be based on the contract purchase price or applicable net price.
  • In addition to the special handling charge, the customer will be expected to pay for any additional charges associated with shipping the product in any way other than the standard shipping method. Examples would include, customer requested shipment by air, exclusive truck, team drivers, UPS blue or UPS red, etc. The customer will have the option of choosing which delivery method to use.
  • Eaton will ship in anticipation of a storm or emergency. However, orders shipped for emergency, and if authorized to be returned, are subject to restocking fees per our Return Policy. In addition, the special handling charge is not refundable.